Brendan Sullivan, owner and lead stylist of Salon Cedar, is an award winning hair stylist that has personalized hair design for his clients since 2005. Driven by a passion for his craft, fashion and life Alaska style, Brendan customizes hair style and the experience inspired by place and the beauty of you.

You can book an appointment with Brendan by clicking here. If this is your first visit to online booking you will be prompted to input client information.


Brook Riley is back—at least for most Saturdays—providing the hair styling skill and care her clients have loved since 2012. Salon Cedar is lucky to have Brook on the weekends. We share her the rest of the week with her two wonderful daughters and the Department of Personnel and Labor Relations where she serves as an administrative officer. Brook moved to Juneau in 2005 from Virginia where she received her Geography degree from Old Dominion University. Oh yeah, if you prompt Brook in just the right way, she may just pick out a tune on her banjo for you!


Long-time stylist Celia Montalto thrives in Juneau’s creative atmosphere, building fans as a fulltime stylist at Salon Cedar and as a DJ for KXLL—you should tune in Thursday nights at 7! She has a passion for hair styling and is a natural talent. Celia is also known for her vocal talents, performing in the annual Who’s Your Diva, talent shows, off Broadway productions, cover bands and cabarets. Celia is adding to her family – joining her and her pet turtle, fiancé KC and Celia will wed in August.


Tanner Butler recently joined Salon Cedar as an assistant to Brendan and has graduated to a full-time cut and colorist. Tanner is a gifted stylist and graduate of the Alaska Academy of Advanced Cosmetology. He was inspired to become a stylist after his career in the industry began in 2015 working as a receptionist in various Juneau salons. Tanner was born and raised in Southeast Alaska and takes advantage of all the adventure the region offers.


Salon Cedar is excited to welcome Dawn Jouppi back to the team, in an expanded Salon Director role. For more than 20 years, patrons have appreciated the care and attention Dawn brings to every endeavor. Her expansive customer service and makeup-design career includes work in the beauty industry in Portland, Oregon and across numerous Juneau performing arts venues and fine eateries. If you have enjoyed Juneau Dance Theater, Folk Fest, Nickelodeon’s Christmas Show, among many other productions, you have been touched by Dawn’s style, talent and passion. What is she doing while not at Salon Cedar? Probably something amazing in the community with her three children and husband, Matt.